Our Mission and Ethos

Grief Matters is a registered charity offering low-cost counselling to adults within the London Borough of Southwark. It has a specialism in complex bereavement, but covers all bereavement issues.

Our team of qualified clinicians has many years of experience in bereavement counselling, and this is why we are able to specialise in complex bereavement. In this context ‘Complex Bereavement’ refers to the loss of a loved one through unnatural causes, such as murder, suicide or tragic accident. It can also relate to losing somebody of a very young age or suffering multiple bereavements, as well affecting people who have a predisposition to depression and/or who have suffered a series of traumas in their lives.

Grief can affect this group of people more intensely and for longer periods. They may lose their sense of purpose and find returning to normal life difficult. Furthermore, this type of grief can last for very long periods of time leaving people unable to cope with usual life responsibilities, which can have a debilitating effect on their everyday lives. Left unprocessed, grief can have an intense and devastating effect on people.

Our Mission is to provide a first-class bereavement counselling service to the people of Southwark. In order to do this, we have recruited a highly specialised team who have worked in a professional capacity in the field of bereavement counselling for several years, and a counselling supervisor who has over 40 years’ experience alone.

Our vision is that all residents in the London Borough of Southwark who are bereaved can access our specialised counselling service.

Our values are compassion-focused, non-judgemental, supportive and comforting. We place a high onus on respecting diversity and employ a workforce of staff that reflect the diversity of the community of Southwark.

Grief Matters offers face-to-face & telephone counselling along with home visits to disabled or elderly people.

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